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Academic Excellence Ceremony

Nyah Phengsitthy, Social Media Coordinator

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A night of recognition for many students took place in the auditorium for the excellence awards. With the night starting off with a song from the HHS Honors Choir, the awards ceremony took off with the awarding of bronze medal to excellent students. After excellent, selections such as superior (silver), exceptional (silver), outstanding (gold) and the highest ranking, superlative(gold),  were all awarded, this year’s superlative awards went to Senior Genevieve Cowardin and junior Isaiah King. Principles Cynthia Prieto, Joe Glick, Michael Eye and Eric Miller congratulated each student who walked across the stage.

After handing out medals and claps for all, Assistant principal Lisa Warren recognized her Blue Ridge Scholar Program. Senior Mark Shindyapin was a member of the Blue Ridge Scholar Program for two years and attended the event to be recognized.

“I think that this is a great night to know everyone’s achievements. I’ll miss being in the scholars program, but I’m excited for all of this to be over too,” Shindyapin said.

Counselor Rachel Linden awarded five book awards to recognize juniors. The book awards for this year’s ceremony were Randolph College Book Award, Smith Book Award, Wellesley Book Award, UVA Jefferson Book Award, and William & Mary Leadership Award.

Throughout the night, more awards were given to students with excellent honor. The last quarter of the awards was given to recognition of seniors where different departmental representatives recognized a senior for their leadership, achievements, work criteria , etc throughout high school.

The night ended with a reception in the commons area outside of the auditorium.

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Every person has a story.
Academic Excellence Ceremony