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Five things you shouldn’t do to your server

Nyah Phengsitthy, Social Media Coordinator

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Everybody loves a good a meal out every now and then with hopes of getting good service at whatever place their eating. As for myself being a waitress, there are some things that I believe you shouldn’t do to your server and I’m sure other people who have the same job as I do would probably agree.

  1. Not tipping enough or at all
  • If you can’t tip when you go out to a dine in restaurant, then you probably shouldn’t be going out at all. Being a server is a service job, which means tips are recommended. We get paid less than minimum wage because of our tips, but when tips are put on a card, they are put onto our checks and taxed from us.
  1. Complaining about the food
  • Yes, it is okay to complain about the food if you don’t like it or if there is a problem, but complaining about food to your server acting like they cooked it is kind of awkward. Of course we can always send it back to the kitchen and make a new dish for you, but servers serve the customers, they cook for the customers.
  1. Making them send food back
  • The customer is always right, and that’s how it is in most restaurants. It’s so awkward when you walk back into the kitchen with the plate asking to re cook the steak or there isn’t enough cheese on a burger. You can even tell that the cooks get frustrated too.
  1. Not communicating with your server
  • It’s kind of hard to get your order if you aren’t in the mood to talk. We want to give you the best service and feed you what you want, but if there is no communication, then you might have a hard time getting food.
  1.   Organizing the mess
  • Throwing the silverware and the napkins into the same cup is not how to clean up, especially in a glass cup. Stacking glass cups can actually break the cups too. You should leave the mess and we’ll clean it for you.


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Every person has a story.
Five things you shouldn’t do to your server