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“Meet Me In St. Louis” opening night

Anzhela Nyemchenko, Staff Reporter

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  Students of Harrisonburg High School will be opening their annual musical from February 15-19. This year’s musical is “Meet Me In St. Louis.” The cast members have been working hard since December, memorizing scripts, choreographing steps and learning music. They are now ready to hit the HHS stage, and bring out to the public what they’ve been preparing.  

  With last minute preparations like costumes fitting, makeup touch-ups, stage props being placed, cast members are filled with pressure and excitement as they were moments away from getting out on stage, and performing.

“I can’t wait to perform, I think it will be amazing,” said Freshmen Danner Rebhun


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One Response to ““Meet Me In St. Louis” opening night”

  1. Alissa on August 17th, 2017 3:38 pm

    OMG GIRL AMAZING!!! I got a question for you…. CAN I GET A HOYYAAA!?!?!

    lol love this:)

    -Alissa V.


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Every person has a story.
“Meet Me In St. Louis” opening night